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43.43 43,43 €

Save money and time before you start to purchase materials and building your aquaponics or hydroponic project! For affordable price we review your plans and ideas and prepare proposals for the necessary changes tailored to your system.


Too often we encounter aquaponics enthusiasts who turn to us for help too late - when they already have a system with minor or major flaws. Details in the initial plan are crucial for successful aquaponic cultivation, low-maintenance of the system and the investment and operation costs.

Common mistakes we often encounter in design:

  • Unsuitable design of mechanical filtration

  •  Inadequate biofilter

  • Bad choice of pumps = high electricity consumption

  • Bad design and dimensioning of pipes

  • Selection of inappropriate materials (non-durable or too expensive)

  • Insufficient growing area

  • Unsuitable design of growbeds and DWC.

  • Systems that are hard to work with (accessibility, the need for cleaning ...)


How it’s done:

After you make the order, we send you an e-mail with questions on the basis of which we can prepare advices and calculations for your ideas and possibilities. Consultancy is prepared in a written form (pdf), this way the data is orderly collected for ever. After the consultancy is delivered, we are of course available for further clarifications.


The price includes up to 2 hours of consulting hours for preparation of advices and engineering effort for the needed improvements. Any further needed consulting hours are charged extra with prior arrangement with you.  In the case we think your plans don’t need a lot of improvement or we spend less than an hour on your case, we refund you have half of the price.

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