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Are you amongst those who are impressed by aquaponics and its remarkable global growth? Ponika, Ltd. has been expecting this growth.
We offer expertise, technology and consulting for your aquaponic or hydroponic home garden or commercial system.

10 years ahead of the competition

When we started with aquaponics, this was still an unknown innovation. Today, as this is a fast-growing industry, we are ten years ahead of the competition.

promising start-up

In 2013, we founded the first aquaponic company in Slovenia and one of the first in Europe. We are recognized as a promising start-up on all major Slovenian competitions and have gained an impressive media coverage in Slovene press.

with a special mission

People are increasingly losing control over the quality of food on our plates. Our vision is to return control in your hands!


Matej Leskovec - soustanovitelj, vodja razvoja

Matej Leskovec - Co-Founder, Head of R&D

Matej Leskovec is the main driving force of the company's development and is currently the only employee in the company.

He first started to tinkering with aquaponics more than 10 years and has since walked the path from the "developer in the garage" to a consultant and entrepreneur. Matej first started to test small aquarium and IBC systems. Then he built the first household aquaponic system, which has been operating for nine years.

His undergraduate thesis, which he successfully defended at the Faculty of Biotechnology is the first published text on aquaponics in Slovene language. From small systems, to large commercial systems, Matej is the brain and the driving force behind the testing and improving aquaponic products under the ponnod® trademark.

dr. Vesna Miličić - soustanoviteljica, direktorica

Dr. Vesna Miličić - Co-founder, CEO

Vesna Miličić CEO of Ponika, Ltd.

Dr. Vesna Miličić has a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, master's degree in natural resources management, and has finished a PhD in environment protection at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. For her aquaponics represents a node in which the three areas connect since aquaponis is at the same time production of healthy food, conservation of natural resources and development of green technologies in order to protect the environment.

She is employed at the Biotechnical Faculty of UL where she teaches politics and economics of natural resource management. She is responsible for the preparation of educational content in the field of aquaponics, organizing educational events and writing the first aquaponic manual in the Slovenian language. She manages and conducts company documentation and coordinates the work of the team. She is a passionate gourmet with a strong awareness of the benefits of locally grown food.

dr. Maja Turnšek Hančič - soustanoviteljica, vodja marketinga

dr. Maja Turnšek Hančič - co-founder, Head of Marketing

dr. Maja Turnšek Hančič grew up on the family farm and "forgot" about agriculture until aquaponics attracted her with its innovative and sustainable character together with its global growth as the industry of future food production.

Maja graduated and obtained her PhD in communication sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. While most of the team is composed of agronomist, her task is to mediate between the world of technology and innovation with the world of business.

She is employed at the Faculty of Tourism at University of Maribor, where she teaches consumer psychology and marketing communications. She skilfully uses this knowledge in planning and fulfilling the marketing strategy of Ponika, Ltd. and its brand ponnod®.

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