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Benefits of going soilless

Napisano: 26/10/2016 20:49

When I first got to know about growing crops without soil, my thoughts went out to unnatural and sterile space-age type of facilities. Soon after though, I went to search for more information and the benefits of soilless growing. I found out the majority of growers around me were already growing soilless, or hydroponic as they call it.

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From 5th until 8th of Sep 2016 we have attended the COSTFA1305 WG&MC meeting in Den Haag. We visited Urban Farmers and the Plant Research International, Wageningen University in Bleiswijk.

aquaponics hub meeting september 2016 hague

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A garden pond, like aquaponics, represents a symbiosis between plants, bacteria and animals. This spring I decided to upgrade my filter to an aquaponic grow-bed.

pond aquaponics

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In this blog post we will shortly present our cooperation with the Algen company and the students of the Biotechnical Faculty and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana in the project financed by the Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund. 

Aquaponic system

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I have learned about Triple Threat mentoring farm when I was browsing the Bright Agrotech website.  They have posted several videos of setting up the farm.

hydroponics Maja Turnsek Hancic and Nick Marasco

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I talked to Arash Amini, whose road led him looking for success  first in commercial aquaponics, then in DIY aquaponics, and now in vertical hydroponics.

Arash Amini and Maja Turnsek Hancic aquaponics hydroponics

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Chicago nb. 5: Metro Farms aquaponics

Napisano: 11/05/2016 20:20

The second day after my arrival at Chicago I was eager to dive deep into the Chicago urban farming scene - and the tour at the Metropolitan Farms was a perfect start – both because of what was there to see and because of who I’ve met.Maja Ponnod and Ben Metro Farms aquaponics

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Previously I’ve introduced  the aquaponics system in Plant Chicago. But there is much more to the Plant and deserves a description of its own. Closing the loop in waste, energy and materials.

The Plant Chicago People

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Chicago has a number of aquaponics and hydroponics organizations. These range  from big farms to small scale educational programs in urban farming.  I can’t wait to talk to all of them!


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The Professional Fellows Program is an exchange program funded by the U.S. A.  In May 2016 Maja is visiting the States and is writing a daily blog about the world of aquaponics and hydroponics in Chicago and elsewhere in the U.S.A.


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We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ljubljana!

Currently, there are more than 150 participants registered from all over Europe.

For all those who will not be able to join, the Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana has arranged for the opportunity for the LIVE VIDEO STREAMING OF THE CONFERENCE.  

Aquaponics Research Matters

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